Diane Dorin’s ability to manage and integrate both the big picture and precise details is one of the things that sets Diane Dorin apart in the Westside real estate market. “When I work with clients,” she says, “I am always trying to help them find the right balance between their immediate needs and their long-term interests—what might be best for them five, ten or even twenty years from now.” An extremely skilled communicator and a true “people person,” Diane is also distinguished by her technological sophistication. From Internet marketing to social media, Diane is well-connected.

Her flexibility and flair for detail have earned Diane the respect of her peers and has helped her build a repeat and referral-based business. She works with a diverse Westside clientele, including many first-time and move-up buyers. “I understand how Santa Monica works,” says Diane.

Born in Australia, Diane moved to Los Angeles as a teenager. She earned a degree in Art History from Cal State Northridge and has an enduring interest in design, construction and aesthetics. “I show a property as if I’m a curator in an art gallery.” She also operated her own training business prior to entering real estate, a background that helps her understand the complexities of contracts and the importance of accountability in her daily transactions.

Diane and her husband Harlan are both active in the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation, She is deeply committed to the mission of the foundation, “educational excellence for every child in our public schools.” She is honored to allocate a portion of her sales to the foundation.

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I just closed on a condo with Diane as my Realtor and it was a great experience. I could not have asked for a better Realtor. When I found the condo of my dreams, Diane went to present the offer in person to the seller in order to better my chances of an acceptence. I was a first time home buyer who had never purchased a home. As we went through escrow, she explained all aspects of the process to ensure I understood all parts of the transaction. When some issues came up on the seller side, she was all over getting the situation resolved - going above and beyond. I could not have closed on this condo without her. Additionally, she and her team are lovely and very enjoyable to work with. I could not have been happier with my experience working with her. ~ Alexandra P. , Buyer
I have been working with Diane Dorin for the better part of 4 years now and let me tell you, you won't find a better realtor in the business than her! Working in the Real Estate world you come across many personalities, especially people with multiple personalities. This is not the case with Diane. The woman you meet in person is the same person you will talk about the RE market with. She’s calm, kinda and understanding and brings a positive outlook to any situation you may encounter -- this is essential in an industry with such crazy swings especially in recent years. I am not someone looking to buy just yet, but I have been managing property in Los Angeles for a while now and the amount of (positive) resources and contacts Diane has provided me -- there is no words for how appreciative I am of her help. All in all, Diane is one of the sweetest people I have encountered here in Los Angeles. As a customer of her services and as a friend. ~ Steve M.
Diane is a class act, who has integrity, intelligence, intuition, patience, and follow through. Not only was she supreme at helping me with a purchase, she continued to assist me with referrals for workers for the property, now 3 years later. She is a great human being, who happens to be a realtor. ~ Joel Morris, Buyer
Dear Diane, We want to thank you so much for all the support, ideas, and professionalism you shared with us along the way to selling our home. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent. Our children also really enjoyed meeting you and working with your team- you always made them feel special and included. We look forward to working with you again. Thank you for going down this road with us and for helping us as much as you did. ~ Liz, Dave, James and Heather, Buyer
I’d been searching for the perfect house to buy in Santa Monica for two years when I met Diane. She was the first broker in a long list of brokers who had tried to help me, who kept me up to date on the market, who had the patience to deal with my work schedule and who actually had impeccable taste in properties and a realistic handle on their value. With Diane’s help, I found a house I loved in Santa Monica Canyon. As soon as we saw the house, I knew I wanted to buy it. Because several other offers were expected, Diane knew we had to act fast. Within two hours of seeing the house, Diane had written up our offer, got my signature and hand delivered it to the listing agent. After considering five other offers the seller chose to accept mine. We were told all of the offers were close to identical and the main reason my offer was accepted was because the sellers and their broker were so impressed with Diane and with the exceptional work she did with the paperwork and negotiations. Not only did Diane help me to win the Bidding war, but she also was with me through every step of the escrow process and closing. I am so very grateful for Diane’s help and friendship and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for their perfect house. ~ Lynn, Buyer
My wife, three children and I were relocating to the Los Angeles area from Washington, D.C. We were considering Pasadena and Santa Monica due to my new downtown working location. My wife and I had only one weekend out here to find a new home for my family. My wife and I both thought that Diane did a fantastic job! She went above and beyond what I would have expected. Diane placed no pressure on us, but rather guided us. In my business we call it client leadership, and that is exactly what she provided. FYI, the key, I think was when Diane provided us with the names of contacts, both from the PTA and the synagogue and then contacted them in advance so that they would be expecting our call. These two folks gave us very good insights into Santa Monica. Yes, they were cheerleaders, but they were frank and honest as well. It eased our concerns considerably. Diane’s handling of all the matters that went into the settlement was so smooth, that frankly we hardly noticed. It appeared effortless. Thanks again. ~ Neal, Buyer
I am one of Diane’s very satisfied customers. I believe our recent transaction had all the makings of a difficult one and Diane made it as smooth as possible. Diane was quick, honest, hard-working and very thorough. She followed through with every promise she made, was accurate and up-to-the minute with Real Estate Law. A difficult situation was made much less so through Diane’s expertise. ~ Linda, Seller
I decided to look for a new home after losing my wife to cancer. I met Diane Dorin on April 20th 2003. At that time, I only had the vaguest idea of what I was looking for in a new home, seventy days later I closed escrow on the perfect place, and Diane made the whole process as smooth and painless as it could possibly be. Diane helped me understand what was important for me in a new home, gently guided me through the complexities of the West Side market, and when she found what was the “perfect place” for me became available, she helped me jump on the opportunity. Diane’s guidance was a great help in putting together an offer and navigating through escrow, which closed successfully on July 1st. Even after that, Diane continued assisting me, when I needed to have some work done in my new home and she provided me with excellent referrals. ~ Bernardo, Buyer